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Installation Instruction

Washing and Maintenance

The washing steps are as follows:     

Step 1: First put it into the water to washing back and forth repeatedly. Pour clean water into a clean container, and please hold foil corner, then repeatedly wash it back and forth several times in the water.
* the general stickers that is called water-washed foil can only be washed by distilled water, and most of them will still have residual bubbles because of incrustation.    

Step 2: Take it out and put it to the shade to naturally dry it. When it is washed clean, you can take it out from the water, and place it in the shade. Spread the lens cleaning cloth, and then put its electrostatic adsorption face downward and slightly tilt it to naturally dry it.
* By this way, it is less likely to attach too much dust.  
* the water drops should be naturally dried. Do not use the cleaning cloth to wipe it to avoid dust.

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